Registration and Tuition

Students can register for  classes through the Parent Portal. Your $30.00 registration fee will secure your spot in the class of your choice.

Tuition can be paid by semester or installments. Semester I tuition is due by September 15th, and Semester II tuition is due by February 15th. A finance charge of 5% will be assessed to any account paid past these dates.

There is a discount for electing to pay by semester and semesters run from September through January, and February through June.

Installment tuition is the undiscounted semester tuition divided into three equal payments over the course of a semester. Customers electing installment tuition must enroll in Auto-Pay with a debit or credit card.

Class Length Semester Installment
45 min. $330.00 $115.00
60 min. $365.00 $128.00
75 min. $385.00 $135.00
90 min. $425.00 $148.00
Class Placement for Very Young Dancers

Our classes for Very Young Dancers are divided into three levels: Grown Up and Me for dancers ages 18mos to 4yrs with an adult, Creative Movement for ages 3 and 4, and Pre-Ballet/Tap for ages 5 and 6. More information about our VYD programs is available here.

We are very interested in discussing your plans for your child’s dance education. Please contact us for input on class choices. We love the opportunity to help shape a student’s training and education.

Class Placement for Fundamentals

Our fundamentals classes are divided into five progressive levels with placement by age and ability. Levels IV and V are subject to teacher recommendation. More information on this program is available here.

Level I Ages 7-9
Level II Ages 10-12
Level III - V Ages 13+
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